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Posters: Galeria Carl van der Voort

The MACE has a very interesting collection of posters of the former Carl van der Voort Art Gallery from the donation made by him to the museum in 1997. Crafted posters which were designed and made ​​mostly by the artists themselves and screenprinted at Taller Ibograf, also founded by Carl van der Voort in Ibiza. They belong to the 70's. Among the artists that are advertised there are names like Tàpies Acisclo Manzano, Hans Hinterreiter, Mompó, Guinovart Adolfo Schlosser, Erwin Bechtold, Chillida, Saura, Teixidor, Pagliari, Tur Costa or Amadeo Gabino, among others.
The designs are a treasure in that not only reflect the styles of each artist but offer a very significant view of the aesthetic of those years.

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