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Video collection

MACE Collection Video-creation

In 2002, a subtle change was made to the rules for the Biennal d’Eivissa in response to the emergence of new forms of creation in series, using new techonogies that did not fit into what were traditionally and genericaly known as recordings.

Both video-creation and net-art were accepted. Our commitment to new media and digital supports holds true to the innovative vocation of Biennial since its inception in 1964. This collection is still very recent and as it has always followed the format of an open competition, it is too early to define its guiding principles; nevertheless, it does have definite experimental and international qualities and these charractiristics allow one to show the existence of languages that are unique to a world with common sensibility. Time, cadence and perception of time, is often used by the creators of this collection as a setting for minimal action which is often ephemeral or apparently insignificant. Sharing more of what emanates than of what happens is perhaps the aim of these works.The collection includes works from 2004 to 2008.


Francisco Naranjo
Iluminaciones Urbanas (Urban illuminations). 2004
Duration: 4’28’’
Second Price
Biennal d’Eivissa 2004

This film talks about the charging and volatile nature of things. Everyting flows, as Heraclitus said two thousand five hundred yeears ago. “Francis Naranjo seems to be telling us that we cannot see the same street tice, even his own street in this case, because everything canges and nothing stays”.
(Fernando Galán)

Domingo Sánchez Blanco
La cueva del otro. El señuelo (the cave of the other. The lure). 2005
Duration: 4’00’’
Honourable Mention
Biennal d’Eivissa 2006

The writer and his character (bird of prey guise) identify with each other. Reality and representation tackle the unrelenting voracity that hounds today’s man. It unfolds in an unusual way in an atmosphere of incongruity, which includes time.

Avelino Sala
Jugar con fuego / Arde lo que será (Playing with fire / What shall be burns). 2006
Duration: 1’33’’
Honourable Mention
Biennal d’Eivissa 2006

Youths kick around a blazing ball to a tango beat, a metaphor for the future? How something harmless can become dangerous. Something commonplace yet unique. Something irrelevant becoming something significant.

Tina Wilgren
75% Pal Bars Horse. 2005
Duration: 1’45’’
Honourable Mention
Biennal d’Eivissa 2006

Initially conceived by the creator as an installation. A test image moves up and down to the rhythmic sound of horses from a bygone era. The sounds come from Solvalla stables in Sweden.

Peter William Holden
AutoGene. 2005
Duration: 4’53’’
Honourable Mention
Biennal d’Eivissa 2006

Emulates with a sense of humour and calculated distorsion, the famous Gene Kelly song “Singing in the rain”, using a curious fobotic contraption formed of umbrellas arranges in a circle.

Beatriz Alburquerque
ACTivism. 2007
Biennal d’Eivissa 2008

The writer expores the meaning of words and their ability to influence people. In line with “transformational activism” even the smallest of actions can be transcendental.

Ingrid Wildi
Los Invisibles (The Invisibles). 2007
Biennal d’Eivissa 2008

Five Colombian emigrants living illegally in Switzerland tell their story and the reasons for their journey. Only bodies and arms are shown to accentuate anonymity but also the universality of the issue.

Gemma Pardo
Sense títol (Without title). 2008
Duration: 5’00’’
Thirt Prize
Biennal d’Eivissa 2008

The vast bulk of a ship approaches the harbour pier. Gradually the eavy metal of the hull sinks into the water drenchin everyting with its resonance and monumental presence.

Darko Fritz
204_NO_CONTENT. 2007
Duration: 2’00’’
Biennal d’Eivissa 2008

The writer expresses her message in fuerteventura in 2007 through the cactus “Echinocactus grusonii”, which are typical of the island, to the point that they are sold as souveninrs in the local airport. The text reproduces a typical internet browsing error message and belongs to her series “Internet error Messages”, in  progress since 2001.

Mille Kalmose-Hjelmborg
Different lives. 2008
Duration: 2’30’’
Honourable Mention
Biennal d’Eivissa 2008

This is an autobiographical piede. Work and reality are connected to the extreme that one documents the other. The characters propose an experimental swapping of roles that result in changes to their identity and perhaps to dreams becoming reality.

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