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(Brussels, 1943)

Untitled. 1972
80 x 80 cm.
Silkscreen on magnetizable polyethylene
Acquisition of MACE. 2012

This work belongs to the artist´s geometric period (1972-1975). In 1972, G. H. arrived in Ibiza and has been settled on the island ever since. During this period he used plain colours in binary combinations together with formal patterns always using geometric order. The piece acquired by the museum for its collections is also magnetic which allows it to move to vary the drawing since it is also divided into 16, 19 x 19 cm plates. The essential mobility allows it to be deduced that the artist not only adhered to geometric abstraction of optical effects at that time but also to kinetic art. Of course, so that this work should “move”, a manual action is required to set it in motion. The underlying concept of a labyrinth which is able to be manipulated seeks to involve the viewer in a process which goes beyond the purely observational to seek a degree of interaction as an accomplice. The use of this chromatic binomial as a resource which is capable of generating visual movement has its antecedents in the nineteen sixties when examples of this contrasting binary dialectic appeared (see Double Speed (1969) by Larry Poons or Campos magnéticos (1969) by Takis. In the case of Herreyns, the choice of two shades of blue allows the subtlety of the formal vocabulary to be seen.

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