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(Alicante, 1975)

Untitled (Memorandum). 2009
46,5 x 70 cm.
Lambda print on photographic paper and aluminum plate
polyptych (4 pcs.)
Donation to MACE. 2013

“Cristina de Middel always tackles reality by filling it with significance and symbolic value. The intensity of her gaze leads her to create icons, which is why there is a meticulous selection of objectives in her work. Showing great commitment to working on the streets, de Middel penetrates reality with knowledge made up of experience and attitude, ever prepared to be surprised. It is a mixture that floods the resulting strength and essence, pushing the communicative side of her work to the very limits of what the image can do without relying on text”... these works made for the MEMORANDUM exhibition (Sala Capitular, 2009)... “form a reredos on the temporary condensation of semantic content, focusing on a preliminary idea: the contrast of two levels of depth that are in theory alien to one another yet expand the number of ways it can be read and interpreted precisely thanks to these differences. The means of lighting the centre of the objective, gradating the lights towards the edges, leads the observer's gaze and brings us to the most distant point, showing her skill in some very convincing and mature results. From the wise combination of static things, that to our eyes seem impassive, and contingent things that appear casual and unexpected, emerges this underlying iconic value in her work.” E.R.S. MEMORANDUM exhibition catalogue. Ibiza, 2009.

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