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"Joan Miró". La llum de la nit. Obres de les dècades de 1960 i 1970" · Till 15 August
Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa | Free entrance

Bonet Vallribera
Foto: Marcos Torres Walker
Diciembre 2013-mayo 2104 | Planta 0 MACE 


The MACE has provided two paintings from his collection of Elmyr de Hory for the exhibition: Elmyr de Hory: PROJECT FAKE. These are two oils on canvas, each style of Degas 1972 (59 x 72 cm.) and another in the style of Picasso (80 x 60 cm.).

Elmyr de Hory was one of the greatest art forgers in history. Born in Hungary in 1906 and lived in the seventies for 16 years in Ibiza, where he committed suicide in 1976 when he learned that he would be extradited to be tried for forgery, reaching over a thousand pictures painted by painters such as Degas, Picasso, Modigliani, etc.. many of which were later hung in museums.

Till August 2013 | Sala d'Armes, Museu d’Art Contemporani d'Eivissa (MACE)
Curators: Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Teresa Grandas · ​​Organized and produced by the Museu d'Art contemporany de Barcelona (MACBA) in collaboration with MACE

Vicente Ganesha
Until 31 October | Ground 0 MACE
Installation-tribute to Jean Cocteau of Vicente Ganesha · Collaboration: Amics MACE, Freixenet and Distributiones Montiel.

Vicente Ganesha is a searcher traveler of the East, a collector of the smell, the texture, the experience, the story of everything, and the vicissitudes of the future, in addition to be, as a good iconoclast, a heretic who does not believe it's in all, with the immense baggage brought from around the world, build new altars and recreate chapels of personal icons that act as virtual mirrors.
Although his work has even himself, is an elusive author who, as director of assembling their own setting, he listens to others, and if their ideas convince him, he lets them act: do it yourself . In the end it is all a happening, an interesting and funny happening.

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