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Tur Costa. 60&70's drawings

Till 31 October | Sala -2
Organizes: MACE · Curator: Elena Ruiz
We appreciate the contribution of Rafael Tur Costa and collaboration of Pepita Escandell, Amics MACE, Freixenet and Distributiones Montiel

Tur Costa has put on several exhibitions at the Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Eivissa. Our collection includes several of his works, but we wish to continue researching more deeply into his work and that is why we are now putting on this exhibition of drawings from his early period.
The fact is that in Tur Costa’s work there are a significant number of drawings that arouse particular interest, because they show the beginnings of a style that gives importance to the independence of the stroke, the colour, the texture and the constructive geometry, successively.

The drawings from the 60’s are based on informalist gesturalism, as pointed out by Alexandre Cirici Pellicer in 1973 when he linked them to Wols’ calligraphic compositions. After those austere and eloquent drawings in pencil or black ink, of graphic automatism connected to the surrealist doctrine, Tur Costa introduces highly sensual tonal and chromatic qualities and rushes in with a metaphor of light in the form of small silver spots which will later become reliefs, standing out from the surface of the plane.

In the 70’s, he changes course and starts out on a geometrical and constructivist process, where the echoes of the Bauhaus can also be clearly heard. In the 70’s, Tur Costa sets out on a stylistic journey in which he reaffirms the quality of the plane through collage, torn papers and intersecting or tangential straight lines, delving into the issue of composition, an issue which is so well clarified by Corredor-Matheos in 1977.

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